Email Delivery Direct to the North Pole

northpoleThe North Pole Post Office delivers email directly to Santa Claus every day of the year! Our busiest time is from November 1st through Christmas Eve.

Santa and his entire crew take a break from December 25th until May 1st then they return to their secret workshop in the Arctic Circle to begin working for next Christmas.

If you would like to keep track of the North Pole Crew while they are on holiday check out our holiday updates (Santa and his crew love to share)

You will be able to stay in contact with the North Pole through-out the year. Each month you can use the North Pole Delivery system  to email one of the North Pole Crew. On February 1st Rudolf gets to answer emails.

Each month one of the North Pole crew will be asked to help Santa answer emails. If you have a favorite person you would like to email check our calendar often, you will always be able to see who is going to help Santa with all the emails.